This $100 Million Superyacht Mimics the Movements of a Whale

This $100 Million Superyacht Mimics the Movements of a Whale

[tps_header] The Canadian designer Charles Bombardier has conceived a luxury Superyacht that is eco-friendlier than most thanks to new technology. If you’re going to drop $100 million on a yacht, it better have some pretty remarkable features – say, an on-deck tropical garden or a new way of moving through the water. The new Seataci superyacht ticks both of those boxes and more. Conceived by Montreal-based designer Charles Bombardier, the concept yacht looks more like a marine mammal than a traditional yacht. And for good reason. Instead of using a conventional rotary propeller, the Seataci operates through two stabilizing side pods and a third section that trails the vessel like a tail. All three components combine to create waves that advance the craft through water the way a whale moves..

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