• Top 100 World Interior Designers
    Best Interior Designers Top 100 World Interior Designers – Part I

    COVETED Magazine have selected for the first time, an exclusive list featuring the most influent interior designers in the field and Decor and Style will cover everything on today’s article – Top 100 World Interior Designers – Part I.  Coveted Magazine is the world´s ultimate source for luxury and design news. […]

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  • Decorating Ideas Peek Inside the Top Celebrity Homes and Get Inspired

    From London to LA, today we will show you our selection of the top celebrity homes that could give you stunning interior design ideas! Take a look and get inspired! SEE ALSO: BEST 10 INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECTS BY DAVID COLLINS STUDIO Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner has reportedly put some money down on […]

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  • david collins studio
    Best Interior Designers Best 10 Interior Design Projects by David Collins Studio

    David Collins Studio was established by the Irish David Collins in 1984 and is an architectural based consultancy which has redefined luxury interior design on a global scale. The creative director of David Collins studio is Simon Rawlings. Throughout his 16 years with the company, he has been fundamental in defining and […]

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  • London Fashion Week Men’s 2017
    Style & Fashion Highlights London Fashion Week Men’s 2017

    In Decor and Style we never stop doing the coverage of the biggest events that happen all around the world. That’s why today we have a special one for you regarding the best of the world of fashion in the UK – LDF 17! Todays’ article in Decor & Style […]

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  • Best Interior Designers Top Decorating Ideas by Areen Design

    Founded in 1985, Areen Design is one of the top UK interior design firms, known all over the world by it’s remarkable interior design projects that could give you some brilliant decorating ideas. The impressive range and diversity of Areen’s portfolio is a measure of the quality they deliver internationally. Take a […]

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