7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway

7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway

New Years Eve is a major celebration throughout the entire planet. A time to party, gather your loved ones and get ready for a whole new year full of opportunities and chance for renovations. Such an ocasion deserves something special, so why not just spontaneously go and have a stunning NYE getaway? We’ll help you choose a shortlist of cities with this article, from quiet and beautiful sceneries to buzzing and exciting venues, take your pick from our selection of best cities to celebrate the new year in style!

Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve break in the UK then look no further. Edinburgh knows how to party with  concerts and street festivals galore, a ceilidh at the base of the castle, and festivities from the humblest of pubs to massive clubs. Edinburgh is also a great place for a New Year’s Eve city break with children or the family with events like the Baby Loves Disco party starting in the early afternoon.


7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
If you want to escape the UK and are looking for a New Year’s break abroad with a touch of flair, then get yourself to Vienna! Head straight to the Old City which is totally converted into a massive party zone, the centre of which is the New Year’s Eve Trail – jam packed with parties, food, and music to suit every taste. If you’re looking to make this New Year’s break romantic, take a crash course together and then waltz away in the city-turned-outdoor-ballroom before watching the 12 o’clock fireworks display.


7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
One of the trendiest cities these past couple of years, Porto never dissapoints its visitors, with fantastic sights, great food and welcoming inhabitants! Celebrate the New Year’s Eve downtown with concerts and streets full of parties, or at riverside with multiple boat parties for every taste. You can take advantage of the cheap prices and stay a couple more days to see all that this wonderful city in the north of Portugal has to offer.



7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
People have mentioned for years that New York is a cheap New Year’s Eve destination when compared to London, but with post-Brexit uncertainty looming, 2017 might be the last year to take advantage of this fact. Sure, you have to factor in the flights and accommodation costs, but as far as a New Year’s city break goes, New York throws one of the most iconic parties (even if it’s slightly cliche and crowded) in the world in the ball drop, plus public and private parties throughout the five boroughs. Priceless.


7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
There are a thousand reasons to visit Prague 364 days of the year but on the 31st of December, the only reason to be here is to party. Booking a New Year’s Eve break, whether you’re after a short break abroad, a family break, a couple’s break, or a straight-up party break, Prague has something for everyone. Head towards the river banks to enjoy relaxed revelry and head to almost any city square for a wilder atmosphere.


7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
If you’re planning to celebrate the end of the year with a party-based city break, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for your New Year’s holiday! The capital of the Netherlands is perennially well known as one of the liveliest cities in Europe and NYE is no exception. To get things going, join the official celebrations in the Oosterdok and watch the fireworks at midnight from the Magere Brug bridge. Then party until dawn in one of the city’s many nightclubs.



7 Best Cities For a Stunning NYE Getaway
Berlin belongs on any list of the top New Year’s breaks. Berlin is famously a party city any night of the week, month, or year so it’s no surprise that NYE in Germany’s capital is guaranteed to be massive. But why is Berlin one of the best cities for New Year’s eve? Every citizen seems to hit the streets at midnight and everyone puts on a firework show with locals lighting more rockets than NASA. Afterwards it’s time to hit the bars, parties, and, of course, the clubs that you’re likely not to leave until well into 2018.



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