• What You Will Find at Decorex 2017
    Design Events What You Will Find at Decorex 2017

    The best month for design is fast approaching! September is always an eventfull month in the world’s design capital. With several fairs and events celebrating design, such as London Design Festival, Design Junction, 100% Design and Decorex, there is plenty of inspiration and celebration for every afficionado in London. Let’s […]

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  • The Design Events You Can't Miss During London Design Festival
    Design Events The Design Events You Can’t Miss During London Design Festival

    When the London Design Festival was created in 2003 by Sir John Sorrell and Ben Evans, their goal was to create an annual event that would promote the city’s creativity, drawing in the country’s greatest thinkers, practitioners, retailers and educators to a deliver an unmissable celebration of design. Now that we are […]

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  • 4 Interior Design Tips To Copy From Maddux Creative
    Decorating Ideas 4 Interior Design Tips To Copy From Maddux Creative

    Maddux Creative is a team of architects and interior designers known for a unique aesthetic vision and creativity. Founded by Scott Maddux and Jo LeGleud, they create extraordinary interiors tailor-made for their clients. Today, we have 4 of their most beautiful interior design projects that you will certainly love! See also: THE ATHENAEUM BAR NOMINATED […]

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  • The Athenaeum Bar nominated for Best Bar In A Hotel
    Best Interior Designers The Athenaeum Bar nominated for Best Bar In A Hotel

    The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards‘ final winner remains unknown but the shortlist of the finalists were already announced and The Athenaeum Hotel is nominated for best restaurant or bar in a hotel award with its Bar’s new refurbishment. See this fantastic project by Kennersley Kent Design and find out why The Athenaeum […]

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  • 10 colourful ideas for your home decor
    Decorating Ideas 10 colourful ideas for your home decor

        The first color is Ming, which is an exuberant and friendly colour, as Pantone describes it. Looking at this colour, it makes us feel more like spring. Besides, if you add Ming to your home decor, it will give a fresh and energetic effect.  That’s why we introduce you this […]

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jennifer jones scotland textile inspiration

October 19, 2012

Designs inspired by the 4 corners of Britain

Jennifer Jones is a british textile designer giving a new shape and format to the british landscape. Her exploration of our heritage led to the production of some bespoke contemporary accessories.

This particular project of hers aimed to bring forward the ‘old design Britain’ to the ‘new design Britain’, by taking traditional design ideas and materials and putting a contemporary twist on them.

Great Britain was divided up into four parts, as follows…


“For this design, I picked an image of a traditional half-timbered Tudor building in Worcester which struck me as quintessentially English.”

jennifer jones england textile inspiration


“Trite though it might seem, I decided the good old Welsh leek had potential to provide some design element for this cloth. If you look closely, they are a multitude of greens in and arrangement of fibrous stripes.”

jennifer jones wales textile inspiration


“Scotland is so well known for its plaids and tartans it would have been hard to avoid them in this instance. So I took an image of a typical heather, moor and mountains.”

jennifer jones scotland textile inspiration

Northern Ireland

“This part of Ireland, Ulster, has a well-established tradition in the linen-weaving industry. For many years the best quality table linens in the world came from there. It seemed to me that this was definitely the yarn of choice for this design.”

jennifer jones northern ireland textile inspiration


White Dove and Wonder Bespoke Reclaimed Home Accessories


White Dove & Wonder – Interview

Genevieve Bennett wall Maze


Genevieve Bennett, bespoke craft walls


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