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December 11, 2013

Get Your Kitchen Envy In Check For 2014

If, like many people, you have been trying to redecorate or revamp your home room by room this past year and have run out of time for your kitchen, then you may be feeling a bit of kitchen envy as you go around visiting friends and family over the festive period.

However, you may be in a better position than you think; rather than rushing to hire an overpriced team to carry out your kitchen installation and choosing from designs that will very nearly be last year’s designs you have the opportunity to get everything fresh in the New Year.


With new designs, no rush and the latest colour scheme, your kitchen will be at the top of the range compared to those whose kitchens you once envied. However that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to start planning ahead – follow these top tips to create the perfect 2014 kitchen.


Consider Your Space


Before you start choosing items you need to consider how much space you have and where everything will go. Do you have a large kitchen and want to try something new like adding an island? Or maybe you have a smaller kitchen and want a design to utilise the space available. There are usually three main layouts for a kitchen – U-shape, L-shape and straight run. By deciding this early on you can then determine where your appliances and sink will go, and what styles of these appliances to buy.

Prepare The Area

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As trends and styles change you want your kitchen to look at its best all the time, which is why it may be best to choose a more neutral colour for your walls so that you can use accessories to add colour later on – these can be easily changed if you want to keep up with the latest style without you having to carry out a costly refit. Paint your walls ready for your kitchen to be fitted; you should choose a subtle colour such as cream that can easily be matched with the statement colour that you choose to accessorise with.


Get Technical


With technology ever adapting, there are a number of different technical appliances that can now be installed into your kitchen, whether you want a hands free tap or top of the range oven that has a variety of high-tech settings. There are also a selection of different fridge freezers available in a number of different sizes and designs, with a variety of built in features like ice dispensers and water filters. Also, don’t forget new ranges of compact dishwashers that can fit into the smallest of spaces to help you out with large loads of washing in minimal space.


Choose Your Cupboard Colours


Once you have a general idea of the colours you want to choose, you can start thinking about what cupboard and worktop colours you want to pick for your kitchen; this will set the scene for the area. Whether you are looking for something more traditional and want wooden cupboards, or something a little more modern and want to choose a more lacquered finish that looks more sleek and stylish, you need to find what’s best for you. The most important thing is to find a company to install it that you can trust, such as Designer Kitchens and Installations Colchester Ltd – getting the right kitchen fitters helps bring your vision together, so it’s essential to choose a firm with a  good reputation.


Now that you know roughly what you want, it is time to start getting a move on so that when 2014 comes around, your kitchen will be ready to be fitted!

This post was written by Ekta Mair for Designer Kitchens and Installations Colchester Ltd who specialize in designing and building high quality kitchens for any property.
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