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April 27, 2016

London, you’re beautiful

London, you’re beautiful. No, scrap that. London, you’re wild. Angry. Delicious. How do you sum up a city that changes its look as often as its underwear and always has plenty to say? That’s the challenge we set ourselves when we decided to draw up a definitive list of the best photographs ever taken of the capital. The result: a celebration of London’s architecture, its icons and its geography, but also of us: Londoners at work, at play, protesting, rising to a challenge and always ready for our close-up.

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20 photos about London 1Trafalgar Square, 1958-1959.

tLondon Street Hawkers, Selling Baked Potatoes, 1890. Where’s a jacket potato hawker when you need one? Crowned jauntily with spuds, portable ovens such as this were a regular sight on London’s streets during autumn and winter in the late nineteenth century.

tStreet Urchins, 1893

20 photos about London 25London Street, 1951.

20 photos about London 22Bomb damage, Bloomsbury Square, 1940.


Coronation of King George VI, Trafalgar Square, 1937.

London, you’re beautiful

Coffin of the Unknown Soldier rests in Westminster Abbey, 1920.

20 photos about London 19Londoners near Liverpool Street Underground during the Blitz, 1940.

20 photos about London 18Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London, 1936.

20 photos about London 17Construction of the Central Line, 1898.

London, you’re beautifulParliament Street from Trafalgar Square, 1839.

London, you’re beautifulAddison Place, North Kensington, 1956.

20 photos about London 14Rush Hour, Victoria Station, 1960.

20 photos about London 13A boy hiding in a coal hole, 1954.
London, you’re beautiful

Market Stall, Islington, 1960s.

20 photos about London 11American Tourists, 1968. London isn’t just for Londoners – the hordes of gawping, snap-happy tourists also contribute to its complex character.

20 photos about London 10 London, you’re beautifulTracey Emin and Sarah Lucas outside The Shop in Bethnal Green, London, 1993

20 photos about London 9Lars in Tube, 1993

20 photos about London 8London from Space, 2016. Shot from the International Space Station at midnight on Saturday January 31, 2016, his image of London, its skeins of twinkling lights shining brightest around Oxford Street and Regent Street, is the most recent image in our top 40 and the ultimate establishing shot. ‘I’d rather be up here… but only just!! #toughcall,’ Peake told Twitter as he flew past at 17,150 miles per hour.

20 photos about London 7Margaret Thatcher leaving Downing Street, 1990.

20 photos about London 6Beatles Abbey Road, 1969.

20 photos about London 5Poll Tax Demonstrations, Trafalgar Square, 1990.

20 photos about London 4Portobello Road, 1966.

20 photos about London 3Bailey showing Jean Shrimpton how to pose, 1964.

20 photos about London 2Lolita Specs, 1970s.

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“The Restaurant” by Caesarstone and Tom Dixon

Top 10 london museums


Top 10 london museums


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