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Meet the Remarkable Design Team Decorex 2016

[tps_header]Decorex 2016 is almost there and Decor and Style always want to keep you updated about what is going on in London and all over UK. Are you ready to Meet the Remarkable Design Team Decorex 2016?[/tps_header]

Tim Gosling, Gosling Ltd., Interior designer

Tim founded Gosling in 2005, after 18 years as a director at Linley. Tim’s ability to sit with a client and sketch a design gives clients the unique ability to get a sense of proportion and scale. Tim has published a number of books, the latest which was launched last October is called ‘Classic Contemporary – The DNA of Furniture’. Tim is a great public speaker and has spoken at Decorex a number of times, last year he curated a panel with Trevor Pickett and Kiki McDonough focusing on creating international luxury whilst still making it individual and bespoke.

Tim’s thoughts: “Being involved in Decorex is a fascinating process because you end up with so many different people involved with the ideas of creation, from craftsmen to the people that actually design the pieces, the products and the energy it creates is so important. It’s a world leader in terms of London.”


design team decorex 2016 design team decorex 2016 Meet the Remarkable Design Team Decorex 2016 1020  tim gosl

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