• 10 colourful ideas for your home decor
    Decorating Ideas 10 colourful ideas for your home decor

        The first color is Ming, which is an exuberant and friendly colour, as Pantone describes it. Looking at this colour, it makes us feel more like spring. Besides, if you add Ming to your home decor, it will give a fresh and energetic effect.  That’s why we introduce you this […]

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    Decorating Ideas Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design from Boca do Lobo Chandeliers

    Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design from Boca do Lobo Chandeliers Supernova and L’Chandelier, two lighting pieces of transcendent beauty and imaginative audacity in conception, found a place in the exclusive collection by Boca do Lobo – Limited Edition. The creation of the two brand new chandeliers extends the lighting family of the […]

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  • Design Events Everything To Know About Pulse London 2017

    This year’s edition of London trade show Pulse is an unmissable showcase of fresh talent mixing alongside well-established design brands, according to organiser Clarion Events. At the Olympia the 14th to the 16th of May, visitors can see more than 500 brands showcasing new interior accessories, giftware, stationery & greetings, wellbeing, fashion […]

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  • BRABBU Contract's Solution For Hospitality Projects
    Advertising BRABBU Contract’s Solution For Hospitality Projects

    Hospitality projects are no easy task. That’s exactly why BRABBU Contract was born. BRABBU Contract was established under the umbrella of BRABBU with the purpose of expanding the brand and create a new project dedicated exclusively to the world of hospitality design and contract projects. BRABBU Contract aims to transform any project into iconic hospitality […]

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  • Great Decorating Ideas By Katharine Pooley
    Decorating Ideas Great Decorating Ideas By Katharine Pooley

    Katharine Pooley is one of the most popular interior designers in the UK right now. Katharine Pooley creates sumptuous, inspiring interiors for the most discerning clients. Her refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned her a position as one of the most sought-after interior designers in London and commissions for landmark commercial […]

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November 16, 2016

New UK Top Interior Designers – Part I

Today’s post features  the New UK Top Interior Designers – Part I. Design has become an important part of London a long time ago. We can also find here some to the best, award-winning interior designers in the world, published in the most important magazine in the sector.

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New uk Top Interior Designers Part I

Beata Heuman

Rising star Beata Heuman has won a clutch of interesting commissions since going solo. She is a passionate perfectionist, and her laid-back yet luxurious schemes are often jam-packed with bespoke furniture or fabrics. She enjoys discovering her clients’ vision: ‘I approach each project with an open mind to create something unique. I hope it’s always chic and a little playful.’

Top Interior Designers

Abbie de Bunsen

Enthusiastic yet deeply professional, Abbie de Bunsen delivers chic, refined interiors majoring in luxurious finishes, with occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometrics. ‘I believe good design can stimulate, comfort and excite the spirit,’ she says. Abbie is justifiably popular among her design conscious international clientele, and a whizz at mixing twentieth-century antiques with curated art. She’s great fun, too.

Top Interior Designers

Adam Bray

His unique interiors bristle with moody colour, sensual texture and carefully curated antiques. But Adam Bray is also down to earth, delivering ‘the most comfortable house possible and dealing with the practicalities of life’. Clients get the full benefit of his 25 years in antiques, plus a deep understanding of specialist materials, a highly attuned colour sense and an intelligent approach.

Top Interior Designers

Alexander WaterWorth

This is a vibrant young Shoreditch design collective that creates ‘spaces with warmth and a sense of home away from home’. The team works on restaurants, hotels and private homes in the UK, Europe and the US, offering a creative approach and loving nothing better than pushing design boundaries. Crisp tailoring and rich jewel colours are often featured. Alongside full design projects and interior architecture, the studio creates bespoke furniture and sources antiques.

Top Interior Designers Top Interior Designers

Ann Boyd

Whether she is designing a country cottage or a newbuild overseas, there is a distinctive, understated chic to Ann Boyd’s work. A Scots-born designer with impeccable taste, a fondness for cool neutrals and a dedication to simplicity, she never skimps on attention to detail. Her philosophy? “Natural instinct.”

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Must-Have Blue Room


Must-Have Blue Room Interior Design Ideas

New UK Top Interior Designers


New UK Top Interior Designers – Part II


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