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One day in London

With so many places to visit in London, it’s necessary to breathe fresh air and think. Nothing is better to do in the Kensington Garden to reassure and bring energy for a day full of emotions. Kensigtom Garden is the neighbor of Hyde Park, separated from the Serpentine Bridge and the West Carriage. It appears to be a more discreet place, fenced and only opened at day, because the Kensington Palace is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate’s home. After then we can see Buckingham Palace because its way can be walked on foot.ção.jpg One day in London One day in London Kensington Gardens Londres Inglaterra Foto divulga    o 670x377

In London you can visit Oxford Street, Regent Street, New Bond Street, which are street stores for those who enjoy luxury shopping, but if you prefer a shopping centre, you can also visit Harrods.

One of the iconic monuments in London is the Tower Of London, a castle which was built in the eleventh century, and the Tower Bridge where sometimes you can find works of art.

To cross Tamisa river, you have the Millennium Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge with 470 meters, but if you want to watch London without walking, you can also go to the London Eye. One day in London One day in London LondonEye JA JP9512752066 1366x768 670x377

For those who prefer locations with works of art there is the possibility of entering The British Museum, The National Gallery and Museum Design industrial product design, graphic, fashion and architecture. For those who are in London from 25 to 27 September, they can visit the 100% design where there are interior designers, architects, and they may be aware of new design trends.

As for lunch and dinner, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, the Ledbury, Hibiscus and Le Gavroche restaurants are awarded Michelin stars, where visitors can enjoy good food as well as a good environment.

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Visit London can become tiring and for those who one day is not enough to visit London, it’s necessary to find a place to spend the night. Here are a few suggestions: for people looking for something classic we suggest The Savoy Hotel, which opened in 1889 and it is a luxurious hotel in the middle heart of London; and we have the Lanesborough Hotel too. If you want a romantic walk, the Ritz Hotel is a great choice. One day in London One day in London savoy hotel 670x447

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