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August 27, 2015

Swiss Chalet by Top Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Elaine Hoppen is an English interior designer, author and proprietor of Kelly Hoppen Interiors. Kelly has a very kind career and is one of the biggest names of Interior Design worldwide.

The Jewish and Irish descent designer’s projects are not only focused in hospitality or residential but also in stunning yachts of private clients, as well as in commercial projects all around the world, including restaurants, offices and aircraft.


Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-2Hoppen was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to London when she was 2. Art and Design is something that’s in the interior designer’s blood as her father worked in the fashion industry and her mother has a gallery in London exhibiting artists and photographer form all around the world. Also her older brother is connected to Art being the owner of the Michael Hoppen Gallery.

Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-5Kelly’s passion for interior design started when she was 16 and had the opportunity to design a family friend’s kitchen. During her career, she designed for a bunch of celebrities, including David and Victoria Beckham or Martin Shaw.

Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-9Today, we would like to show you one of Kelly’s amazing and luxury projects that is a Chalet in Switzerland. It is a beautiful project that reflects the designer’s good taste, great eye for the details and passion for design. It is a proof that Kelly is one of the top interior designers in the world.

Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-4Swiss Chalet is an exclusive interior design project. The interiors are very elegant, beautifully decorated yet quite simple. This project represent the minimalistic style with its neutral colours, such as: beige, white and grey. Kelly has chosen great decorative elements that make this residence cosy, warm and comfy.

Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-6Kelly is honoured to be the recipient of copious design awards and the proudest point in her career to date came in 2009, when she was made an MBE for her services to interior design.

Swiss-Chalet-by-Top-Interior-Designer-Kelly-Hoppen-DS-3Recognised for the passion of empowering women in business, she was awarded the NatWest Everywoman Ambassador award in December 2013 amongst numerous other accolades which include a firm position on the Debrett’s 500 Most Influential People List.


If you liked the Swiss Chalet by Kelly Hoppen and would like to see more of Kelly’s and other top interior designers’ projects, follow us! Be inspired and stay tuned for more décor and style!

Source: Best Interior Designers Blog

Top Interior Designer Staffan Tollgard Design Group


Top Interior Designer Staffan Tollgard Design Group

St James House by Top London Interior Designer Katharine Pooley


St James House by Top London Interior Designer Katharine Pooley


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