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The Royal Nursery

The Duchess of Cambridge will soon help the royal family grow even more by bringing to life a new charming prince. And his first room is already being designed and built. Take a look at the Royal Nursery , designed by Christopher Chanond!

The Royal Nursery design is inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. The silk rug on the floor is an 18thCentury map of the globe. The walls are lined with a specially commissioned wallpaper called Les Animaux, from De Gournay and designed in conjunction with Christopher Chanond with each of the 4 walls representing The Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.



The ceiling represents the skies and has a cluster of tiny pin-prick LED lights to create a starfield. The pendant light is a flotilla of hot air balloons hand blown in glass and reduced to a sculptural element. The armoire is veneered in English hardwoods and is a continuation of the pattern of the wallpaper. The steamer trunks under the windows are for storing toys and for dressing up clothes. The castle is based on a traditional helter skelter with the 4 flags of England. Wales, Scotland and Ireland flying high.


The second strand of the design represents a number of symbols of the heritage of the Royal family and the United Kingdom. The rocking horse is actually a unicorn set into a perpetual circle based on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, creating a modern version of the rocking horse. The unicorn is represented in the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom.

The Royal Nursery
The table is made out of an oak trunk that has been finished in gold. The table is low enough for a child to sit at and the oak tree is a symbol of England and of course, strength. The rocking chairs and cot are also made in oak that has been bleached white and utilise the patronage of the Royal Family commissioning traditional craftsman in the United Kingdom but in a modern design.
The feet of the cot are adorned with acorns specifically to show that ‘’the greatest oaks have been little acorns’’

the royal nursery
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the royal nursery


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